How To Enable Minimize On Click (Ubuntu 20.04)

If you are using Ubuntu 20.04, there is a feature that should be enabled by default but isn’t.

It is the ability to click on the right side panel and both open and minimize a program. It doesn’t minimize. Here is how to fix that.

In a terminal copy and paste:

gsettings set click-action 'minimize'

Hit enter. Done.

Which Version of Linux Should I Install?

If you are asking this question, and you are on a 64-bit system, there is only one correct answer – Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop.

If you are already a Linux user, you wouldn’t be asking this question. You would know that there are hundreds of different choices. Too many choices is a bad thing for someone new to Linux. But is good for those needing more options, customizations, and tools.

And if you are asking which version of Linux to install, then you probably know why Linux is the best operating system. You probably know it is the most secure operating system. It is free for ever and its source code is open to see what the program is doing, or to modify it if you know how to.

The next question is how to get a copy of Linux Mint for yourself? There are two ways, the first is more techy than the second.

The first way is to download an optical disc image (that is an iso) of the operating system from Linux Mint at:

Burn it unto a DVD disc or, if you don’t have a DVD drive, a USB flash drive. Direction to do this are here.

The second way is to just buy a DVD or flash drive with Linux Mint already on it. You can get them through Amazon or Shop Linux Online.

At this point, read through the Linux Mint Installation Guide. You can also watch YouTube videos such as this one here.

Just remember: Linux Mint is not Windows. Google Chrome and Firefox both work great in Linux Mint, but many Windows programs will not work in Linux. There are alternatives to most Windows programs, but do your research before you make the switch.

Buddha for Sale

Buddhism is Big Money nowadays.

All you have to do is read one of the latest Buddhist magazines, and look at the ads. Meditation for sale. Buddhist teachings for sale. Buddhist merchandise for sale.

Meditation training goes for big dollars these days. Even though the Buddha said do not sell the Dharma, the Dharma is for sale.

Mindfulness meditation has now become a dominant force in psychology.

Many teachers try to separate Buddhism from mindfulness meditation. But mindfulness meditation is a Buddhist Meditation.

I wonder what the Buddha would think about Buddhism in America.

Best Linux Music Player

The best Linux music player is, in my opinion, Elisa.

“Elisa is a music player developed by the KDE community that strives to be simple and nice to use.” explains the KDE Community Wiki.

For those new to Linux, there are a number of desktop environments for Linux. Two of the most popular ones are Gnome and KDE.

Yes, I am using the Gnome desktop. But Elisa is that good of a music player. It has a modern look and feel and can handle hundreds and hundreds of music files.

So if you are looking for a Biorhythm replacement try Elisa. I highly recommend it.

Natural Awakening

Awakening is not supernatural but natural.

Awakening is about becoming more aware of sensations and mental phenomenon.

Awakening is about getting off autopilot and filling engaging in the present moment.

There is both a sudden awakening and a gradual awakening. The first is realizing you were sleep walking, the second is about deepening this new awareness.

Back to Ubuntu Linux

For the last few years, I have been using Linux Mint. This week I switched back to Ubuntu. I am now running Ubuntu LTS, code named Focal Fossa.

For those who only know about Windows and MacOS, Linux is another and different operating system. It is different because it is free and because the source code is available for inspection.

I have been running Ubuntu Linux since 2008. I used Fedora for a number of years, and then switched to Linux Mint. I still recommend Linux Mint for all home users. This is the system I have on both my mom’s computer and my wife’s parent’s computer.

So why did I switch? I recently have switch professions to the IT field. This means that I will need to stay current on news and threats directed to businesses. Ubuntu Linux and Red Hat Linux are two of the major players in this field. Hence the reason for the switch.

Website Merger Complete

I have merged my websites and into my main website

What does the merger mean to you? It means you will be getting two kinds of blog posts, the philosophical ones about life and its meaning, and technological ones dealing with Linux and Open Source Software.

I have also updated the website with a new look and logo. I hope you enjoy.

Marriage Advice

I recently preformed a wedding. During the ceremony I told the couple this:

I would like to give you one small piece of advice for a successful marriage. It is this: always be open and honest with one another. 

If you can keep the lines of communication open, you can go through anything together. 

Communication is the key to your marriage. Never forget that.

Misunderstanding Humanism

Humanism isn’t the worship of humans. It doesn’t hold that humans are of supreme importance.

Humanism is a philosophy of life made by humans for humans about humans. It is about being good without God.

Humanism is a philosophy made by humans. It is not a revelation from God. And because it is made by humans, it is flawed and open for revision as we gain new evidence.

Humanism is about environmental responsibility. It is not humans over Nature but humanity living in harmony with Nature.

Humanity has to learn to work together for the common good based on science and reason, not scripture and divine revelations.