Why I Switched Back to Ubuntu

Ok, so I have been using Linux Mint for about a month. Since that time my problems with the distribution have grown. First, Shotwell (which I use in place of F-Spot) would freeze when I began importing my photos. I have a lot of photos, but it shouldn’t freeze.

Second, Rhythmbox (the default Music player in Linux Mint) did the same thing and froze while importing my music. And yes, I have a lot of music. I install Banshee instead, and that didn’t freeze.But the music would cut out while playing if I opened too many programs. At first I thought the freexinf may have something to do with Rhythmbox, but then I remembered it worked fine in Ubuntu. And now that I have switched back to Ubuntu, it and Shotwell both work fine.

Third, Skype also gave me some problems. The video feed would not work. Again it works in Ubuntu but not in Linux Mint.

Finally, I installed a new hard drive and when I was in the process of transferring all my files from my external backup to the new drive I accidentally stopped the transfer. Every time I tried to resume the transfer, the system would freeze. I even rebooted (an old Windows habit) and it still froze. That’s when I downloaded the iso of Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS edition. I installed it and have had none of the problems I mentioned above.

Now it doesn’t make sense to me why I had the difficulties. I have Linux Mint on my laptop and have not had any issues. I have thought that maybe I got a bad CD or something, because Linux Mint is simply Ubuntu under the hood. I honestly don’t know and am surely not going to blame Linux Mint without others expressing the same difficulty.

By the way, the reason I choose the LTS version of Ubuntu is so that I don’t have to deal with the whole Gnome 3 or Unity desktop till 2013. I hope by then things have been fixed. I don’t like the Gnome shell or the Unity shell. So I will stay with Gnome 2.x as long as I can. I will continue to use Linux Mint on my laptop.

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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is an IT professional, an ordained Humanist minister, and a Certified and Accredited Meditation Teacher.