Why I Believe in Open Source Software

Why am I so passionate about Linux and open source? I will tell you why.

It is because freedom is important.

Freedom to choose what to do with your computer. Freedom to use it the way that you want to use it. Freedom to improve upon a program that you use. Freedom to customize that program to better suit your needs.

The freedom to be free from surveillance and an invasion of your privacy. In other words, freedom of choice is why I believe in Linux and open-source software.

The freedom to use the software you need, regardless of your level of income. Lennox and open source software is free, in both respects. It is free as in free beer, and it is free as in freedom of speech.

If we are ever going to have a world in which there is equality see, there needs to be access to the means of production. And in the information age, the computer is the means of production in many cases.

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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is a philosopher and IT professional. He is an ordained Humanist minister, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and a decade-long Linux user.