Ubuntu for Strict Time-Release Policy

The following comments from an anonymous commenter on the I’ Been to Ubuntu blog was so good I am reposting it.

Anonymous said…

I don’t think the six month release cycle is a big problem only the way they are implementing it.
LTS Release – unfortunately they try to cram in new features and “tear out and replace large parts of the system”. The LTS Release should be a bugfix only release. The goal should be stability above all.
release right after LTS – This is the time to replace major parts of the system. xorg, network manager, and pulse audio are all examples of what this release should be about. Firefox and OpenOffice are not Major parts of the system. They are major software packages that do not cause instability. Also a good time to introduce new features. This release should be known for breaking things and instability.
two releases from LTS – continued introduction of new features. but a larger focus on bugs.
three releases from LTS – a few new features but most time should be focused on major bug fixes and focusing on stability.
LTS – nothing but bug fixes. Stability is the goal…
They have a good thing going but every release has huge issues. I have stopped updating right away when new releases come out. I have actually dumped Ubuntu all together because it has turned into an absolute unstable distribution. It would be nice to see a real “stable” version of Ubuntu.

posted on July 15, 2009 11:06 AM

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