Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx – First Impressions

Ok, so I have upgraded to the latest and greatest Ubuntu operating system.

Firefox Problem

First, Firefox is completely hosed. It pops up and then crashes. So I switched to the Chromium browser, which is the open source version of the Google browser.

I tried a number of ways to fix it, uninstalling and reinstalling. I didn’t want to delete my config file, so I didn’t try that.

Instead I completely removed firefox through the Synaptic Package Manager and the ran Ubuntuzilla.

It worked, Firefox is up and running.

Button Problem

Second, as if that was not enough, they moved the close, maximize, minimize buttons to the left. Hate it!!!
And you you think that they gave me a choice? Nope. They are trying to copy the Mac again.

You can change it back, but it takes a little work. An easy tutorial is found below:

Although I prefer:

Change the text in the Value text field to:


Other than these two things, so far so good.

I will update this post if any other things come up.

It appears that Firefox will no longer come branded in Ubuntu. The unbrabded version is called ABrowser, but is Firefox. You can even go into synaptic and download the branding, which returns things to normal.

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