Gender is a social construct that assigns people roles, tasks, responsibilities, and expected ways of being in the world. – Kathryn Gonzales and Karen Rayne

Biological sex is not the same thing as gender identity. This is the hardest thing for some people to understand.

Biological sex is not something you choose. You are born with male or female genitalia. Some are born with both.

Gender identity is one’s own internal sense of who they are. They know this to be true regardless of what others say. This is also something they do not choose. They are born that way.

Gender identity is not just a masculine and feminine thing. It is more complicated. I will have to deal with nonbinary next time.

Now, in a small minority of people, their biological sex and their gender identity do not match. These people are known as transgender.

Helpful tip: Do not use transsexual, that is offensive.

Recommended Reading
Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You.
By Kathryn Gonzales MBA, Karen Rayne PhD.


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