Thinking About Switching to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I am currently running Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon, which is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I stay on the Long Term Service (LTS) editions. With the upcoming release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, code-named Trusty Tahr, I am thinking of making the switch based to Ubuntu.

There are a number of reasons for the switch. One reason was watching the video by Alan Pope on Ubuntu Unity Overview. I resisted the new desktop because I don’t like change. But a lot of the design ideas made sense. Furthermore, Unity has come a long way to becoming more functional. I actually think I might be able to work more efficiently with Unity.

The other side of the decision, is my few issues with Linux Mint. Even on my new system, after I log in, it takes about 10 seconds before the desktop appears. I also find it quite ridiculous that the time menu has to be manually fixed (see previous post). I also feel like the Linux Mint team to spreading themselves too thin. This is why they are thinking of using the same LTS base not only for Linux Mint 17, but for the next 3 releases as well. Why? To push innovation on the Cinnamon desktop. Add to that the alleged security issues, and I think its time to seriously consider going home.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, code-named Hardy Heron, was my first Linux distribution. I have since then tried a number of different Linux distros, but I always seem to come home to Ubuntu. Is it time for me to go home?


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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is an IT professional, an ordained Humanist minister, and a Certified and Accredited Meditation Teacher.