The Linux Programs I Use and What they Are

Firefox 4 – My preferred web browser. I used a PPA to get version 4.

Evolution – My email client, as robust and featured as Microsoft Outlook.

Rhythmbox – My music player, much better than iTunes.

Totem Movie Player – My video and audio player, it will play just about anything.

Hulu Desktop – I use this to watch movies online.

gPodder – The best podcatcher available.

Miro – I occasionally use it to watch videos online.

LibreOffice Writer – Simply the best office suite out there and is compatible to Microsoft Word.

Transmission – My BitTorrent client.

Brasero – A great disk burning utility.

Fontmatrix – Use it to manage true type fonts.

Decibel – A small music player.

Cheese – The best webcam utility for Linux.

Empathy – The instant messaging client I currently use.

Skype – The best voice over Internet program.

XChat Gnome – An easy to use chat program.

gedit – A great program I use for my show notes for the Gnostic Podcast.

Audacity – The easiest and best program for recording and editing audio.

MP3 Diags – Corrects VBR errors in mp3 files.

EasyTag – A great program for editing your ID3 tags and for adding album art.

Filezilla – The ftp client of choice.

gPHP Edit – A great program for writing and editing php.

GIMP – The best graphics program in Linux, but hard to learn. Not the most user friendly program.

Xiphos Bible Guide – The best open source Bible program.

W.I.N.E – There are two or three Windows programs I install under wine because there isn’t a satisfactory Linux equivalent. The two musts are Paint Shop Pro for graphics, and the Word for my Bible program. The third is Dreamweaver, which I use for so web  development stuff.

Gweled – I am not a big gamer, in fact I don’t play games but once in a blue moon. But when I do, Gweled is the only one I currently play.

Well that concludes my list. Remember that I am using the Gnome desktop and don’t want to use KDE applications because of their dependencies. I say that because there are a number of KDE applications that rock. Amarok and K3b come to mind instantly.

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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is an IT professional, an ordained Humanist minister, and a Certified and Accredited Meditation Teacher.