The Human Operating System

I have given a lot of thought to a person’s worldview, also known as a philosophy of life.

Another way of thinking about a worldview, is to think of it as an operating system. It is the human operating system.

Our worldview, our philosophy of life is like an operating system.

Each of us have been programmed from a very early age. Are operating system has been programmed by the language we use, the culture we grow up in, and the beliefs and values of our family and friends.

The human operating system helps us and hinders us. It is what creates our successes, our failures, and shapes the way we see and interact with the world.

At the lower levels of the human operating system, we are all very similar. We call this level Human Nature. But not everybody has the same human operating system.

Some have a Christian operating system. Some have a Confucius operating system. And some have a Humanist operating system.

The human operating system is human nature plus a philosophy of life.

The human nature part we share with all other humans, the philosophy of life we have adopted and absorbed from the culture and family we grow up in.

What’s interesting, is that trying to reprogram our operating system is very difficult. It is hard to change our philosophy of life. We have to know how to hack the code.

Published by

Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is a philosopher and IT professional. He is an ordained Humanist minister, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and a decade-long Linux user.