Review of Linux Mint 13 MATE Edition

After reading a number of positive reviews I finally decided to switch my main system from Ubuntu 10.04 to Linux Mint 13. I did a fresh install. The installation went without a problem. Because my graphics card is limited, I installed Linux Mint MATE version from a DVD I burned.

Well I have pretty much installed everything. I decided to switch a few programs that were the default in Ubuntu 10.04 to the current Linux Mint default programs. For example I am using pluma instead of gedit, Banshee instead of Rhythmbox, and Picasa instead of Shotwell (though Picasa isn’t the default program). One big surprise is that there is no Seamonkey. I am playing around with Bluefish Editor and KompoZer to replace it. I am using Google Chrome for my browser instead of Firefox, and I am using Evolution for my email instead of Thunderbird.

So far it is awesome. I highly recommend Linux Mint 13, it is now my desktop of choice. On slower computers I recommend Xubuntu 12.04. Both are long term serve releases. Linux Mint 13 with be good until April 2017.

I am still upset with Ubuntu and the whole Unity desktop thing. Canonical made a horrible error in forcing Unity on the community. Many of us have left. I no longer run Ubuntu on any of my system. It is sad to finally say a complete goodbye to Ubuntu. But I am happy I finally have an alternative to recommend without reservation.

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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is an IT professional, an ordained Humanist minister, and a Certified and Accredited Meditation Teacher.