More Ubuntu Missteps Coming This Fall

The Ubuntu Developer Summit comfirms that Ubuntu will continue its missteps. Ubuntu 11.10, code named “Oneric Ocelot” will no longer ship with the classic Gnome desktop on the default CD. Now you will have to choose between Unity 3D and Unity 2D. Since it is build on Gnome 3, I assume you will be able to choose that.

Next there are plans to dump Evolution as the default email client and switch to Thunderbird, that is if they can complete an extensive number of items in time. If not, the change will likely occur in Ubuntu 12.04.

They will be dumping PitiVi Video Editor, the Computer Janitor, and possibly not include LibreOffice on the Cd to conserve space.

There was also talk of dropping Firefox as the default web browser and switching to Chrome. Although I prefer Chrome, it is not the best browser for some languages. Furthermore most user still prefer Firefox.

All this mean that the next Long Term Service (12.04 LTS) release will be Unity based. Like it or not Unity is Ubuntu. Well, I don’t like Unity and I am beginning to not to care for Ubuntu. I am hoping some distrubution will step up to the plate and make a user friendly distro that doesn’t suck. Right now I think Linux Mint is the best choice. I am tired of Ubuntu ignoring the users and just going with what Mark Shuttleworth wants. I think it is time to ditch Ubuntu no matter how much it hurts.

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