Linux Mint Founder is Against Israel

Linux Mint is a popular distribution of Linux based on Ubuntu. It was first launched in 2006 by Clement Lefebvre, a French-born IT specialist living and working in Ireland.

Clement Lefebvre wrote on the Linux Mint blog on May 3, 2009, “I don’t want any money or help coming from Israel or people who support the action of their current government.” He prefaced that comment with, “If you do not agree I kindly ask you not to use Linux Mint and not to donate money to it.”

It is unforntunate that he decided to use the distribution for his political agenda. Please notice he did not just state his view, he made using Linux Mint contingent on agreeing with his politics. So using Linux Mint means you agree with his anti-Israili stance. The post has now been deleted.

Now Clement Lefebvre is free to believe whatever he wants to believe, but suggesting that agreeing with his political views is required for using Linux Mint is wrong. He seems to have backed down from that connection, but he still is “against a country and its government,” namely Israel.

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