LINKS: Linux and Open Source News for October 25, 2009

This weeks podcast (for October 25, 2009) was canceled because I have a bad cold. We do however want to share the research links that were created for this podcast:

Red Hat Ranked as #1 Software Vendor for Fifth Time in CIO Insight Study
Red Hat passes Microsoft’s stock price, now what?
Apple shuts down ZFS open source project
SCO story ends with a whimper
SCO fires CEO Darl McBride, architect of litigation strategy
Random users Google Voice mail is searchable by anyone?
IBM and Canonical team up against Windows 7
Amazon: Windows 7 is ‘the biggest pre-order product of all time’
FCC Agrees to Set Rules on Net Neutrality Canada Gets New Neutrality Rules
Nation’s First Open Source Election Software Released
Mozilla disables vulnerable Microsoft plugin for Firefox
Firefox blocks, then unblocks, Microsoft add-on
Stallman Urges EC to Stop Oracle Acquisition of Sun
MySQL founder says Oracle should let go of MySQL
Sun cuts global workforce by 10 percent
Sun Communications Server speaks VoIP
LynxSecure Selected by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
CME Group Uses Red Hat Solutions to Process Over a Quadrillion Dollars in Critical Financial Transactions Per Year
Bell, Torvalds usher in next wave of supercomputing
Everything Linux store set for opening on Friday
Symbian Foundation Releases Open Source Microkernel
Mozilla to support Web Open Font Format in Firefox 3.6
Eeevolution – Eeebuntu 4.0 and beyond.
Metasploit Security Site Bought by Rapid7
Mozilla’s Raindrop to Provide a Tidy In-Box for Everything
System76 Prepares Ubuntu 9.10 PCs, Notebooks
REVIEW: Ubuntu 9.10 Beta Promises to Strengthen Distro’s Position as Desktop Favorite
Keeping Ubuntu CDs Available
Happy Birthday, Ubuntu! – Our favorite operating system is turning 5 years old

Nokia – ShowPressRelease
Bigger News for Verizon Than Motorola’s Droid
Smartphone smackdown: Motorola Droid vs. iPhone 3GS
Motorola Droid coming to Best Buy on 24 October?
Motorola Droid (”Sholes”) hits the FCC with AT&T-friendly 3G – for real this time.
Acer to release Android smartphone
HTC posts Hero kernel source code
Symbian Foundation opens smartphone kernel source code

Stable kernels and
Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.32 (Part 1) – Network subsystem and network drivers
GNOME 2.28.1 released
CentOS 5.4
Constantine Gets Ready to Unite Again: Fedora 12 Beta Now Available
Fedora 12 Goodness OpenBSD 4.6 Released
Open Source Nuxeo EP and DM 5.3 Support OpenSocial
Talend Upgrades Leading Enterprise Open Source Data Integration Solutions
Open Office 3.2 Beta
A sneak preview of new OpenOffice 3.2 part 1
Open Office 4 Kids
SpringSource releases Spring 3.0
BeRTOS 2.3.0 Released
SeaMonkey 2.0 RC2 arrives
Caffeine 1.0 For Linux Released
Avant Window Navigator (AWN) 0.4 Beta Available
Development Release: Chakra Fuzzy
Elive 1.9.51
RSSOwl 2.0
Wine 1.1.32 Released
sidux 2009.3 Preview 1
MOPSLinux 7.0 Alpha 2.7

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