Expectation and Disappointment

I don’t think we realize that how tightly expectation and disappointment are tied together.

Our level of disappointment is correlated to the level of expectation. Expect a lot from a person or situation, and when they fail to meet your explanations, you feel very disappointed.

Expect nothing, and when you get nothing, you are not disappointed.

But expecting nothing is not that easy. It is hard going into a relationship without high expectations. It is hard not to have expectations, even if we know we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Maybe a first step is to have more realistic expectations. Realizing that no one is perfect, that no job is without flaws, and that everything new becomes old, maybe we will expect more imperfections, frustrations, and broken devices.

This Epictetus quote is a good one to remember, “People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things.”

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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is a philosopher and IT professional. He is an ordained Humanist minister, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and a decade-long Linux user.