Do You Trust Google?

Google and I have a relationship. It is not an equal relationship. They clearly are in charge.

See, Google and I have made an agreement. They will give me for free an email, storage, apps, and other cool apps and services.

I, on the other hand, will let them sell the information they collect about my preferences to advertisers. They might also share my information with the government.

From this you might get the impression that I trust Google. I do not. I don’t trust Facebook , Twitter, Microsoft or Amazon either.

But I do use their services. So I have no choice. Either I have to agree to their terms or I don’t use their products. So I have capitulated.

I live in the Google sphere. Google knows more about me than my mother. I would like to know what they know, so I know what is being sold to others.

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Jay Forrest

Jay N. Forrest is a philosopher and IT professional. He is an ordained Humanist minister, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and a decade-long Linux user.