A Scam I Almost Fell For

I consider myself pretty skeptical when it comes to the Internet. I am currently job hunting and this scam almost got me. The first clue was that it was sent from a gmail account. That was enough to start the wheels going. Then he had me go to a different web site then the company he represented. At that point I was suspicious. I then contacted the Human Resources department of the company of the web site he gave. I then did a search of the text used in the job offer. It was then I found the exact wording used almost 2 years a go. It was too close to be anything then a copy of the previous scam. Notice one last clue, “During the training you will be paid by New Business Solutions, Inc. directly to your bank account.” In other words they want your bank account information so they can steal your money. This was the red flag that made me start checking. I then reported the scam.

First Email
Good day Jay,

This is Josh West, assistant staff manager from New Business Solutions, Inc.. Jay,
I have noticed your resume at Career Builder job site. Your education
really interested me. As far as I understand, you are most interested in
customer service area. Today New Business Solutions, Inc. has a vacancy in your state,
I would like to offer. It is both part time and full time position of the
Customer Service Manager. Annual salary starts from $36,000 for the part
time and over $50,000 for the full time. Additionally, we provide the 20
days training course to cover all aspects of our products. During these 4
weeks training you will be paid $500 weekly. This is ENTRY LEVEL position.
Jay, if you are still looking for a job, and this offer interested you,
let me know. I will provide you with more detailed information upon your
request. Please, reply at your earliest convenience, because this vacancy
is the only and immediate.

Yours respectfully,
Josh West
Assistant Project Manager, New Business Solutions, Inc..

Second Email
Hello Jay,

I am glad that you are interested! Here is the detailed information
about this vacancy, Jay.


To learn more about New Business Solutions, Inc and iCommerce platform, please visit
the web site of our subsidiary company engaged in worldwide promotion:

New Business Solutions, Inc is a dynamic e-business development company, widely
recognized for its professionalism and track record of success.
New Business Solutions, Inc is committed to delivering the latest technologies that
enrich people’s lives with our leading-edge iCommerce platform for
wireless and ISP carriers. The company’s patented technology enables
all types of online payment and supports multiple access channels,
transaction models, networks and devices.

New Business Solutions, Inc iCOMMERCE PLATFORM

iCommerce platform enables the rapid and efficient introduction of new
merchants, distributors, services and products, instantly bringing
interactive commerce services to the entire subscriber base. It also
lowers operational costs by leveraging existing investments in
infrastructure, while providing the operator with an advanced, unified,
comprehensive and business-driven infrastructure capable of delivering
all existing and future payments, promotions and electronic recharging

In general, iCommerce platform represents very flexible Internet payment
system that accepts almost every e-currency and transaction method.
iCommerce allows customers and users to perform any kind of transfer from
one money system to another in no time. This system enables our customers
to broaden the variety of accepted payment methods, to reduce the transaction
time and to make the whole payment operation highly secured. For example,
iCommerce allows performing a direct exchange from PayPal to Western Union
or from Western Union to bank account. Money can now be sent from one system
to another in no time. Also iCommerce lets customers to provide the
person-to-business transfers for every user, when other systems provide the
person-to-person transfers only.


New Business Solutions, Inc is located in ISRAEL and needs customer service representatives
worldwide. Today our US customers require specialists to manage
iCommerce platform to assist users. So customer service manager will be an
official employee of one of the telecom operator that we serve. Today our
company serves 7 large telecom operators in USA.
New Business Solutions, Inc will provide the 20 days training course that would be sufficient
to start working in one of these companies. We guarantee this immediate
employability after the training period.

Responsibilities will be to provide assistance with iCommerce platform to current
telecom operator. Customer service manager’s accountability will be to instruct
users, to provide the current statuses of their operations in the system and to
be ready to answer on any general question about iCommerce. Candidate will get
all necessary knowledge and experience during the training. No previous experience
with iCommerce or alternative systems is required.

New Business Solutions, Inc provides a training course to cover all aspects of the iCommerce
platform operation and maximization. Duration is 20 week days. This course is
to be done distantly. This means that you will be studying from your own home or
university computer with Internet access. You will not need to attend to any
lectures or seminars. During the training you will be paid by New Business Solutions, Inc
directly to your bank account. The training period wage is $500 USD weekly. This
training course can be started at any time on any week day.

After you finish the training course successfully, you become a certified
New Business Solutions, Inc specialist. And you start working in one of the US telecom companies
that our organization serves. Usually it takes no more then 5 week days after the
training course to start working in the company. First guaranteed salary is $2900
monthly for the part time and $4100 for the full time. Superannuation is provided
by the telecom company.

Jay, if you have any questions, then ask me freely. I will be glad to clarify
at any time. If you are interested to start the training course, please let me know
as soon as possible. And i want to repeat again, the training course
is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay any fees to start.

Yours respectfully,
Josh West
Assistant Project Manager, New Business Solutions, Inc.



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Jay N. Forrest is an IT professional, an ordained Humanist minister, and a Certified and Accredited Meditation Teacher.