A New Ubuntu: GNOMEbuntu

It should be no surprise to readers of my blog of my great dislike of the Unity desktop. I still believe the best Linux desktop was Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. I was using Mint for a while, but went back to Lucid.

Now there is news that there will be a new spin, a GNOME version of Ubuntu called GNOMEbuntu. At least this spin will not include the Unity desktop. That is a plus. Gnomebuntu aims to provide as much of a “vanilla” GNOME experience as possible whilst also keeping various elements from Ubuntu. It will be worth keeping an eye on it.

The Ubuntu GNOME Remix is currently in Beta with a stable release expected at the same time as Ubuntu 12.10. It seems that the naming may be an issue, there are rumors that the GNOME project doesn’t want them to use GNOME as part of the name. That means that GNOMEbuntu would not be accepted. Right now its just being called UbuntuGNOME.


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